26 years of gratefulness

Thursday night, after publishing the page about donations to Familia Feliz, I’ve had my very first bike crash.

We were 3 on my Transalp. We fell on the ground after hitting a scooter which was parked in the middle of our way and with its light off. On the way to the orphanage there are no lights whatoever.

We have been taken to the hospital. I left with 10 stitches, something on my leg and few bruses. Heidi got a swallen eye which she can not open and Carola got a broken tooth, stitches on her forehead and a sore arm.

bolivia0759Doctors in Rurre told us to have a check with some x rays, so we have been taken by place to Sanata Cruz where we got all the medical assitance we needed.

We are all kinda fine. I am already out of the hospital.

Without the very same aid resources that Familia Feliz has to help people in need, we probably woulnd’t have had the chance to get medical attention to our heads and bones.

I really much appreciate Familia Feliz help and I’d like to tell my family and friends that I am now fine and that we are all going to be going back to Rurrenabaque soon.

I am very greatful to the directors and Familia Feliz for helping us in getting straight to the hospital and providing us cares and support. That’s way I trust them and I am very interested into helping them growing with this project.


Before this accident had happened, I promised myself I would donate my own money to the project and today, which is my 26th birthday, I can finally do it.

So here are my 300 Euros, which I will have to donate in two times because the bike accident took me unprepared and I have to recharge my PayPal account.

So today I will donate my first 160 Euros (230 USD). The other 140 Euros will follow as soon as possible.

Please donate your money too, think about it.

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image Per favore, aiutate Familia Feliz a crescere ed i bambini tratti in salvo da abusi sessuali ed abbandono, ad avere una casa sicura in cui vivere.

Grazie di tutto cuore.



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Un pensiero su “26 years of gratefulness

  1. Ying ha detto:

    Ciao Gio!

    Sorry to hear about the crash! Geez-are you alright? Wishing you speedy recovery! Stammi bene, baci-Ying-the Mongolian!

  2. Gionata Nencini ha detto:

    Welcome to Mongolia!!

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