[Aid Project] 2 Homes for Familia Feliz’s Orphans


Two months have passed since I parked my bike at Familia Feliz.

During these weeks of volunteering at the orphanage, I have decided to donate my money to a project I launch today with the help of my media contact.

2 Homes for Familia Feliz’s Orphans.

I have no idea how much would cost to build a house in each of your countries, but here in Bolivia, with just 22000 Euros, we can build two and home 16 orphans.



Here are some media releases about this project at Familia Feliz. The Aid Project is called “2 Homes for Familia Feliz’s Orphans”.



Donations are now open. You will find all the information at this following link.

I’d like to repost one of the topics posted in Familia Feliz page.



If you have donated but you still want to help more and contribute to the project “2 Homes for Familia Feliz’s Orphans”, you may:

  • share it with your co workers
  • share it with your friends
  • share it with your parents
  • share it with your community
  • share it with your church members
  • show it or link it to your contacts
  • write an article on a magazine or a web magazine you know
  • link it or talk about it on your blog, website or forum
  • share it on a social network (Facebook, MySpace, ecc)
  • share it on a radio, newsletter or meeting
  • sponsor it or invest on it with your company
  • print out flies about it
  • send a email to all your contacts


The ways to do it are infinite and most of them are free.

Please send me an email to [email protected] to communicate me your sharing work and I’ll point it out in Familia Feliz credits page.


Thanks so much from the kids, the directors and me, for your significant help.

Un abbraccio.

Gionata Nencini


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