Newsletter 7/09: Panamerican Tour

Thanks to Rita Feurra for donating me 60 Euros!

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Hi Traveler!

This is the seventh Newsletter of 2009 and you are receiving it as a brief tale of what happened in my last traveling month. Let get down to it!

Beginning Panamerican Tour: 22/1/2009

Since last month: 22/7/2009 – 22/8/2009

From: Guanay, Bolivia

To: Rurrenabaque, Bolivia

Km totally ridden: 140500 (word in progress)

Km ridden so far: 20500 (which 6500 on dirt)

Km ridden this month: 500 (which 500 on dirt)

Countries coressd: Bolivia

Bike problems: fuel consumption, rear tire pinched, all camping gear lost, rear tire pinched, broken radiator, broken radiator fan, broken plastics, broken air filter, tank bag ripped

Money spent so far: 2378 euro (1300 for fuel and bike, 1078 for food)

Money spent this month: 200 euro (122 for fuel, 78 for food)

Main meals: brekfast, lunch and dinner bought at small restaurants

Nights in Hotel: 4 (Guanay)

Nights in tent: 3

Nights with CS: 0

Nights at local people: 23 (Familia Feliz)

Nights at camping site: 0

Nights at free camp site: 0

Alternative vehicle: none

Donations received this month: 170 Euro (Luca Pagani, Andrea Recchiuti, Fringuelli Fabrizio, Rita Feurra)


I’ve lost my balance and I fell. Sometimes it happens while riding, some others while sitting and listening to bolivia0205 someone else’s confession…

I have never felt gratitude and hate in the same time and here in Familia Feliz, this mixture of emotions, seems to be happening very often for me.

I’d love to feel greatfull for the healthy and happy life I’ve lived so far, but the shame I sense when I think of this kids background, just makes me angry.

At least the 85% of our orphans, have been sexually abused by their parents. Few others of them watch one of their parents stubbing to death the other and then committing suicide.

And while I learn more and more about these kids past, that feeling of gratitude desappear and leave me with just a lot of Hate!


That’s oneof our student’s father? – the director pointed out to me yesterday while giving him a ride to town

He abused her many time before she was brought to Familia Feliz

So why isn’t he in jail!? – I commented

Cause this is Bolivia




bolivia0295 A kid mother is often aware of all the sexual abuses her husband does to the children, but she rather not say anything to the police in order not to have her husband arrested and loosing a family provider.

Familia Feliz keep receiving kids with such a background, but since there are no more houses left for kids to live in, we are unable to help more orphans.

Having lived here for less then a month, I have realized that what makes the difference for these volunteers every time they fight Hate, it’s Faith. When I arrived, I introduced myself as the Non Christian, yet trying to get closer to God and to his principles.


bolivia0364 The stories and the background told me from the volunteers about their mundane past, has had a huge impact on me and I wish I can find some answers through prayers.

Kids here at Familia Feliz are educated with Christian values, studing during the day subjects such as Math, Language, English, Music, PE, Social Studies and History. In the afternoon we all work in the garden, where we grow vegetables able to provide the 40% of Familia Feliz needs.


But what else have ai learnt here?


I have learnt that donations are the main finance for this place and for its kids. There are no third party and all the donations are invested entirely for supplies:


  • cleaning and igene items
  • food products (oil, salt, rice, fruit, patatoes, some vegetables)
  • fuel (for the gardening tools, electric generators and the truck)
  • spare parts (to fix house and tools)
  • cooking gas (for the dorm kitchen)


And do you know how much it cost to mantain 50 people each week? (volunteers and orphans)

200 euro a week! = 4 euro for each person 

E sapete quanto costa mantenere 50 persone a settimana (fra volontari ed orfani?)

200 euro a settimana! = 4 euro cad 1

So I have decided to give my donation too, not only teaching english and mantaining the tools at Familia Feliz, butbolivia0382 also trying to bring this reality to most people possible.

I am sure that together (I will donate money too) we will be able to help the directots to expand this place and get 2 more houses built in order to welcome more orphans in need.

I will be here unitl December 2009. If you need some more informations, please write me.

I am always happy to know you read me through these newsletter and I hope to read your comments too.



Gionata Nencini




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