Newsletter 5/09: Panamerican Tour


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Hi Traveler!

This is the fifth Newsletter of 2009 and you are receiving it as a brief tale of what happened in my last traveling month. Let get down to it!

Beginning Panamerican Tour: 22/1/2009

Since last month: 22/5/2009 – 22/6/2009

From: Santiago, Chile

To: Calama, Chile

Km ridden so far: 17422 (which 5500 on dirt)

Km ridden this month: 5322 (which 3500 on dirt)

Countries coressd: Chile, Argentina

Bike problems: fuel consumption, rear tire pinched, all camping gear lost, rear tire pinched, broken radiator, broken radiator fan, broken plastics, broken air filter

Money spent so far: 1863 euro (810 for fuel and bike, 653 for food)

Money spent this month: 623 euro (400 for fuel, 223 for food)

Main meals: brekfast, lunch and dinner coocked with local hosts (Genaro, Elena e Adriano, Ignazio e Paola)

Nights in Hotel: 2 (Antofagasta de la Sierra e Dogana Argentina)

Nights in tent: 12

Nights with CS: 0

Nights at local people: 16 (Elena, Adriano, Genaro, Pia, Marjori, Maria, Doganieri Cile, Arias, Ignazio, Paola)

Nights at camping site: 0

Nights at free camp site: 0

Alternative vehicle: none

Donations received this month: 195 Euro (Francesco Pirolo, Christian Sartorio, Florentin Hortopan, Roberto Navaro, Elke Pahl e Gustavo, Giuliano Galifi, Claudio Proni, Jorge Ghidoni)



What do I wanna talk about today?

I’d like to talk about sex.

Can you take it?


Well, then press this botton Windows-Close-Program-256x256 and go read some other blog!


I’d like to talk about sex because I can’t think of anything different in order to explain the approach which I experience Adventure.

My road is like the woman to seduce and the final intent is to make love to her, in order to get inside her and 2discover what decency tends to keep hidden.

Make love to the world is my final aspiration. I’d like to dedicate myself entirely to what touches me along the way. Discovering what fuels other people’s ideals, learning their hopes and fears and integrating myself  with their concepts of friendship and love. It would make me feel enriched and concious  about things I always ignored.

Those who believe that inside of other people’s truth he would find beauty and nobility, are just watching too much television. But it’s also true that inside the unperfect cosmos within every person, there is indeed a romatinc yet unperfect beauty. A perfect person, is not a real one, but just a product…

3 In Chile, as you can see from the list of details at the top, I am spending quiet a lot of time. Sometime for work, other times for Honda interest, some other times for romancecs with the local beauties and some more other times because of a personal need. In fact, I really like spending my time here, and crossing it in just a couple of weeks, it would be like making love to a woman for just 2 minutes and be sure about the sexuality of her.

What I’d really wouldn’t like to to with my Journey Diary, is to create a product designed to entertain others and satisfy their expectations. If I’ve ever done it, please let me know!

In my Journey Diary you won’t read about a Journey you would do or about a Journey I would do if I was you. Here I write about one thing and one thing only. Me. I am really trying4 hard to share with other what I really think and what I really am. I am focusing on the truth.

And it’s obvous that the truth is not meant to be entertaining or a happy thing. The truth is meant to make you conscious. I think this is much more important than happiness and fun.

When I write the monthly news for my 1400 italian subscribers, I am totaly aware that more than the 95% of them, is not traveling at the moment. Maybe some of them have traveled before or are planning to travel again in the near future, but most of them are reading from their desk at work or from their bedroom, after a nice shower and with the alarm already set for the 7 am of the following day.

What I am trying to say is that each one of us, is doing exactly what we think is the best for us. You are at work because that is what complete your necessities and I am wandering around for the exact same reason.

I am not publishing myself in order to make my reader change their lives and neither to let them convince me to come back home. I was looking for something more similar to the person I am and I am glad I found that into the world, while traveling.

What I really don’t understand about few of my readers, is why they costantly feel alienated by what I do and what I write. They get puzzled about how I make decisions or if I post or not a movie on youtube. Few others are perplexed when I say that I don’t see at myself as a motorcyclist and few more hate the fact that I don’t consider any sort of virtual mailing between me and them, another way of being friend.

There are also people that don’t understand why I went on top of a Vulcano, in winter, at 6800mt with motorcycle…

I really don’t enjoy doing what makes other people happy, so please keep your intepretations for yourselves!


By the way, my Journey hasn’t stopped yet. I am now in Calama with a broken air filter and what I thought it would be a stop looking for a spare part, has become the chance to know a new friend and a new lover.

So now I clean her house and cook her dinner for when she comes back home from work. Romantic, isn’t it?

I’ve always said that the most human experiences in this Journey, happen when the bike is parked or, even better, when it’s broken.


Relativo a Gionata Nencini

Mi chiamo Gionata Nencini, toscano classe 1983 e viaggiare in moto è la mia più grande passione. Nel 2005, a 21 anni, parto per il giro del mondo con in tasca solo 2.200 euro e oggi ho uno storico di 500.000 km percorsi in solitaria attraverso 77 paesi. PARTIREper è il blog che racconta le mie esperienze e quelle della mia community.

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  1. Sssofi ha detto:

    Go ahead, you have the world with it’s legs wide open! Glad that this exists in English. Muack!

    1. Gionata ha detto:

      Silly you!

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