Motorcycle Planner: Keep all your motorcycling memories in one place!

Since I left for this journey around the world, I have always felt the need of keeping track of each border crossing and daily routine and tails.

Details are what give a story that interesting and fascinating touch you want to share with your friends.

But when you forget half of the things you have done, your motorcycling story is not fully sharable

Once I left, I started to keep a journal on a common notepad, to then switch to a notebook where I could write a blog post each night.

If the first choise seemed to be too improvised, the second one was to complicated.

Charging my laptop batteries was a very challenging routine to keep and when I couldn’t make it, details and memories of my journey where forgotten forever.

And also, a notebook is much more sensitive to rain, shocks and vibration a long journey can cause to your equipment. Including something like this Motorcycle Planner was then a must for me.

So I got myself a Motorcycle Planner.

Fully covered with a water proof leather cover, this Motorcycle Planner is the most suitable and biker friendly gadget for your short, mediom and long distance motorcycling adventures.

The Motorcycle Planner is designed to keep track of all your personal and motorcycle needs. Specifically created tools include:

  • High quality zipped cover
  • Trip Package 1-10 (Tools for planning & documenting your tours)
  • Maintenance & Service Section (Tools for keeping the track of your bike maintenance, service & repairs)
  • USB & Memory Cards pockets, Business Cards and CD/DVD slots
  • Receipts PVC Pocket
  • Business Card PVC Pocket
  • Address/Phone section
  • Key Information section

    152 pages in total.


The Special Price is valid until the end of June2010.

  • Motorcyle Planner 45.99 USD
  • Flat Shipping 19.00 USD

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