Bike hijacked forever



I was over speeding, it’s true.

We were three on my bike.

And all of us without a helmet.

The bike is hijacked – the police man had told me standing in front of my hospital bed.

How long will it be for? – I has asked

Forever – and he had left…

Three weeks have passed since the accident and I am now back to Familia Feliz.

The volunteers and directors of the orphanage dealed with the police and managed to get my bike back and 300 bolivianos to pay.

They had asked us 500 – commented Doru

Thanks God – I reply

Me before and after:


My recovery:

  • 3 scars on my face
  • a dislocation on my right ankle
  • bruses on my knees

My bike before and after:


Bike problems:

  • Plastics to dump
  • Windscreen to dumb
  • Speed o meter and instruments to dump
  • Radiator to dump
  • Front chassis for the instrument to weld
  • Front headlight to dump
  • Indicators to dump
  • Mirrors to dump (actually theygot lost)
  • Givi cases to dump (they cracked)
  • Givi supports for the cases to dump
  • Right boot to dump

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I’ll be here at Familia Feliz for a while, documenting the two house getting built for the donators, since the project “2 Homes for Familia Feliz Orphans”.

In case you have advice about how I could find cheap parts for my bike, plese let me know.

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Relativo a Gionata Nencini

Mi chiamo Gionata Nencini, toscano classe 1983 e viaggiare in moto è la mia più grande passione. Nel 2005, a 21 anni, parto per il giro del mondo con in tasca solo 2.200 euro e oggi ho uno storico di 500.000 km percorsi in solitaria attraverso 77 paesi. PARTIREper è il blog che racconta le mie esperienze e quelle della mia community.

Un pensiero su “Bike hijacked forever

  1. Callum ha detto:


    I found your blog through BJ. Nice use of WordPress. I used to work with WordPress, wrote some plugins, etc. 🙂

    I’m also on a tour, also on CS. I started in San Francisco some 17’000 miles and 6 or 7 months ago, in April. On a KLR650.

    Sorry to read about your crash. What kind of lights do you have on the bike? I considered getting an HID upgrade, but I heard there’s a new HID bulb coming out in 2 months that is much easier to install. I haven’t decided what priority to give to front lighting yet…

    You might be interested in the spot satellite messenger. I got one recently and use it to drive my map, so you can track my progress in real time. It’s been working pretty well so far.

    Good luck, keep the rubber side down amigo.

    Warmly – Callum.

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