Wim´s questions

gionata nencini,, honda transalp, russia, siberia

gionata nencini,, honda transalp, russia, siberia

Hello Jonathan,

How are things in Chile? Is the clutch of the bike already fixed?

I have a question for you. Since you receive more mails about the sweaters than questions about travelling, I thought it might be a relief answering this one 😉

In short: I’m planning a trip from Belgium (where I live) to the North Cape, Norway. The way back to Belgium should go via Russia.
My question now is, did you have difficulties with the language? Did you travel alone when you were in Russia, or did you had a translator?
I don’t expect a lot of difficulties in terms of security, or am I wrong here?

BTW, did you had the chance to talk to Jsaak Lucassen, and are you still determined ;-)? You better buy a pair of warm gloves then :-p

Talk to you later!



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Mi chiamo Gionata Nencini, toscano classe 1983 e viaggiare in moto è la mia più grande passione. Nel 2005, a 21 anni, parto per il giro del mondo con in tasca solo 2.200 euro e oggi ho uno storico di 500.000 km percorsi in solitaria attraverso 77 paesi. PARTIREper è il blog che racconta le mie esperienze e quelle della mia community.

Un pensiero su “Wim´s questions

  1. Haris ha detto:

    How are Motoz GPS? Do you hear some noice ? Are they noicy? Thank you for answer 🙂

    1. Gionata Nencini ha detto:

      Hi Haris, yes pretty noisy I’d say 🙂

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