Newsletter 2/09: Panamerican Tour

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Hi Travellers!

This is the second Newsletter 2009 you are receiving as member of this Group. Let’s just get down to it!


Beginning Panamerican Tour: 22/1/2009

Since last month: 22/2/2009 – 22/3/2009

From: El Bolson, Argentina

To: Santiago, Cile

Km ridden so far: 11900 (di cui 2000 su sterrato)

Km ridden this month: 2443 (di cui 0 su sterrato)

Countries coressd: Argentina, Cile

Bike problems: fuel consumption, rear tire pinched, all camping gear lost

Money spent so far: 600 euro (400 for gas, 200 for food)

Money spent this month: 150 euro (50 for gas, 100 for food)

Main meals: brekfast, lunch and dinner coocked with local hosts

Nights in Hotel: 0

Nights in tent: 1 (in the wild with a rain sheet)

Nights with CS: 0

Nights at local people: 29 (Zulma, Viviana, Elena)

Nights at camping site: 0

Nights at free camp site: 0

Alternative vehicle: nessuno

Donations received this month: 73 Euros (David Mori, Luciana Palermo, Federica Angelini, Francesco Damiani)





This second month has passed so fast. Good on you, my grandmother would say. That means my crysis has ended.

I haven’t even ridden 3000 Km, but hey, a Travel with a capitol T isn’t all about distance covered.

I can prove it to you right now:

If travelling was relly a matter of distance covered, the best traveller in the world would be my father, which covers on his company car, the beauty of 100-150000 Km per year.

If for travelling we mean every action that takes us far away from home, i’d say that ever driving to work everyday could be considered as a travel.

But travelling isn’t about getting in a plane and fly to “the other side of the world”.

If travelling was just a matter of “the more i spend-the more i’ve travelled”, those people who can afford to pay 25000 euro for 2 weeks at Ibiza, are definitely travelling more than bikers who are cycling the world on a mountain bike in 3 years…





So my journey continue without schedule, plans or programmations.

I have no rush to arrive, I have no fear to stop. I just have the fear not to be able to understand the expectations of who follows my Adventure Travel as mine.

The purpose of my world tour is not to balance myseld onto 2 bike wheels and prove my bike skills. So screw the other people expectations. I am not a motorcycler!

As well, the reason why I travel, is not to talk about the motorcycle and it’s specifications, as I believe the human and cultural experience in such a journey, only start when the bike is parked and I hug those willing to welcome me.

I don’t even think about spending my night into some whatever hostel dormitory or some turisty camping.

To know and knoledge a country and it’s heart, you need to live into people’s houses! Or somewhere far away from everything.

You can’t congratulate yourself with a tourist that buys a T shirt rappresenting the Florenze David’s penis and after that he returns back home and write a book about Italy and the italians.






My relationship with the Travel is in reality very easy to describe.

I am in love!

That’s right. The road is my fiance.

When I decided to engaged myself with her, I didn’t care about how long that would have been for, or for what cost and for what price.

If you approach to love with such a investment spirit, you would do better to call the road your BITCH and refeer to yourself as her client.

As much as tourists are, if you know what i mean.

But for me the road is the loved woman and, as long as this will be so, I will keep living with her and be happy with her.

As for now, our crysis has ended and our love is stronger than ever.

It mught happen that I cheat on her with a 25000 euros holiday to Ibiza!






I am here with Elena, which is showering into the bathoroom.

Living with Zulma, Viviana and Elena, I have had the feeling I wasn’t a world client, but it’s citizen.

With the hosting families, we cook meals together, we listen to spanish and italian music, we walk on the streets and discuss about our own countries and we visist the supermarket to buy food and meet up with casual friends.

Doing this, I learnt about what people are and how identical they seem even though they live on different sides of this globe.

We all get happy, sad, smiley, teary for the same things. We die for the same deseases and we celebrate for the same happy moments. We all fear solitude, rejection, sickenes and we all hope to love, being love in return and to die old.

As for sexuality, passion between two lovers is the same everywhere in the wolrd and the way they get passionate and undress each other in the dark of a sleeping room, ahas no differences. Expecially the way a woman let herself to a nomadic traveller, explain perfectly the human nature for which we all seek for adventure and trasgression. And this is what makes the world spin and rotate!






I am happy for those who are happy for my joy and for all those smiles I keep showing on my face.


Un abbraccio

From Elena’s house, in Santiago del Cile.

Gionata Nencini



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