Marcin’s hug

Hello Gionata 🙂

I hope you`re going well and your health condition is every day better.

I hope you`ll return on the route in the very near future.

I`m planing to run over the world in about next two years. Right now I`m moving to our capital Warsaw, to earn some money for a new motorbike and finish journalist studies. After that I`m going to start the trip, make a lot of photos, write some articles maybe or some kind of book. I decided to left country and live by dream I have. I was trying of advertisement photography, but don`t feel good in this. I like reportage more and more 🙂

I`m glad I`ve meet your website, your movies on also. I love "Australia and NZ" with Incubus music. It plays 24h per day at my home right now 🙂

I hope you didn`t left your dream, and will return on the road. Your story makes me a reason to live.

I know you may feel disapointed by the accident. I know the feeling. I was a road cyclist and have a terrible accident too. Broken neck, broken skull. Prohibited cycling for a two years. I started to ride bike in one year after crash. After that I won my personal record of 360km in one day, almost over half of my country, in two years after my accident 🙂

Right now I`m planing to start my Tour the World in 2012 and meet you in the middle of nowhere.. 🙂

So be ready to meet someone with "From Poland to Here…" written on the motorbike 🙂

Very best regards



Relativo a Gionata Nencini

Mi chiamo Gionata Nencini, toscano classe 1983 e viaggiare in moto è la mia più grande passione. Nel 2005, a 21 anni, parto per il giro del mondo con in tasca solo 2.200 euro e oggi ho uno storico di 500.000 km percorsi in solitaria attraverso 77 paesi. PARTIREper è il blog che racconta le mie esperienze e quelle della mia community.

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